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 •  Release Date: Coming Soon
 •  Genre: Narrative & Story Telling
 •  Developer: Karen Royer
 •  Country of Origin: United States
 •  Website:
 •  Twitter:
 •  Facebook:
Developer Bio

I am an equal opportunity crafter, builder and artist. I dabble in software on the side. I am currently working on a thesis for my master's degree in game design. I explore alternative interfaces. For instance, I have a game that can be played entirely on the surface of an egg that combines traditional craft with an area control game. I seek out opportunities to combine analogue art and digitally generated artifacts to create interesting experience opportunities.

At school, I am the graduate assistant at a Global Lab that provides support to IQPs and MQPs as well as visiting fellows from 40 project centers world wide. I manage eight other students doing work on training, outreach, VR, AR, media creation and overall support to the project centers. I specifically oversee the AR equipment for the lab. My thesis will be both a project for the Hololens and research about it's use. It combines topics like refuge - prospect theory, endowment effect, arts and crafts furnishings, lighthouses and miniatures. Ultimately, I hope the result will help the restoration efforts of an historically important, local lighthouse that is sadly in need of repair. In my previous life, I raised three children and supported my daughter raising her daughter. My granddaughter is a very beautiful six year old. I have worked as a freelance graphic artist, an arts and environment artist for a local church and as a freelance interior designer. I have a BS degree in Related Art, which basically means everything except for the fine arts. Truly, I believe it was the game design equivalent of the 1980s. I have won an international award for doll sculpting and miscellaneous other awards for antique reproduction dolls. My dolls have been published in two magazines. I love stereo photography and built an attachment for my camera to be able to take stereo images. I built a stereo-graph to view the images. If I need something and cannot afford it or if it intrigues me, I will research how it is built and build it.

A Mile In My Shoes is a title featured at [[ ]].

About A Mile In My Shoes

This is an experiential story telling game platform. In this version, you play the game as two sisters. Both of you have had sons that were born at about the same time. One of you will slowly recognize a difficult truth about your child as the game progresses. Your goal is to use story prompts from provided interlocking tiles and journals to develop a story about your child. The game unfolds as you take turns sharing life events and stories about your children with each other. As a platform, A Mile In My Shoes gives both creators and players opportunities to share experiences or perspectives. Other stories have already been suggested. One is the story of a young, bipolar, single mother who struggles to complete law school despite caring for her infant child. She battles mood swings as she alternately has to get off her medication and back on. She feels alienated and worries she is alienating as well. Another story relates the bias and judgement faced by a transgender adult as he labores through reassignment surgery and subsequent complications. A Mile In My Shoes will fit anyone who has a story and a need to tell.


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