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 •  Developer: Matheson Marcault
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: tabletop game
 •  Website:
About Matheson Marcault

- Holly Gramazio - Game Designer
- Sophie Sampson - Producer

Art Deck is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Art Deck

Art Deck is a collaborative drawing game. Players use a deck of cards with sentence fragments to build instructions - sometimes very straightforward, sometimes very silly. They then follow those instructions to create a work of art. Scrawl / to form a triangle / half on the page and half off. Circle something on the page / in red / until someone tells you to stop.

Each time a player adds a card, they follow the instruction they've created. These instructions change slowly, one card at a time, so an individual element - ""circle something on the page"", say, in the example above - may remain part of the sentence for many turns, meaning that different rounds of the game create images with different personalities and repeated visual or stylistic motifs.

After their turn, a player can choose to claim a picture they've contributed to by playing a SIGN YOUR NAME card. If the players want a win condition, then at the end of the game they collectively choose their favourite piece of art created during the game, or call on a passer-by to judge.

The game can be played on scraps of paper or huge sheets or carefully stretched canvases; with charcoal and paint, or markers, or crayons or pencils or even hot drinks that happen to be nearby.

Thematically, it's inspired by:

  • Instructional artworks and algorithmic paintings of the 60s and 70s (eg works by Sol LeWitt, Vera Molnar, etc).
  • Existing playful drawing exercises
  • Questions around ownership and authorship

We have tried to balance the experience of play and the quality of the drawings produced, making it possible for people to create artwork that they're genuinely proud of without compromising the sometimes-raucous experience of playing and (for example) drawing another player, without hesitation, while holding the pencil in your fist.