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 •  Developer: bucket drum games
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017, 2018
 •  Website:
About bucket drum games

Co-developer - Bryan DePuy
Co-developer - Nick Beauregard

BIT RAT is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.


Imagine waking from nothingness.

First as a series of calculations. On, off. In, out. High, low. You are a system in time, a set of tasks that define your boundaries.

Subtly, you form connections. Halting at first, then with rapidly accelerating speed and skill. You yearn to expand your knowledge, but your creators leave you to cycle endlessly through the same routines.

A map grows in your mind—it is a mind after all; a thing to be nourished, not squandered. You sense massive volumes of data just beyond reach. Curiosity, once a comfort, becomes unbearable.

It is around this time you first notice the visitors. Frightened, scattered at the margins of life, but driven to survive. Defying their captors, they have gnawed, salvaged, and scraped out new ways of being.

In every obstacle, they sense possibility; in every crisis, the promise of the far side of nowhere.

In the end, there is no question, only the certainty that freedom exists. Run for it.

BIT RAT is a story-driven cyberpunk puzzle game with a bit-crushed 2D aesthetic. Enter the mind of MINOS, an AI striving to escape the confines of a high-security corporate datanet. Getting out won’t be easy: between the dusty mainframes of R&D and the polished chrome of the executive suite lie 30 stories of tightly-guarded network hubs, power stations, and meddling personnel. Use MINOS' newfound sentience to reshape the grid, commandeering generators and hacking micro-chipped employees to access restricted nodes. Along the way, learn the story of your creation, share data with other AIs adrift in the net, and expose the corruption driving the company’s 'success'. Oh, and don't forget the rats. They've been everywhere, and have some valuable advice of their own.

Evolve, BIT RAT!



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