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 •  Name: Chris DeLeon
 •  Title: Founder
 •  Affiliation: HomeTeam GameDev
 •  Website:
 •  Twitter:
 •  YouTube:

Chris DeLeon has been a speaker at IndieCade events.

About Chris DeLeon

Chris is the founder of HomeTeam GameDev (formerly Gamkedo Club), which is an online, worldwide community for team game development practice. After several years helping curate IndieCade's speaker selection, Chris now works with the festival's new alumni initiative, bringing together past years of speakers, developers, organizers, and volunteers. His prior industry experience includes Technical Design for console games at Electronic Arts, web game engine architecture and tool design for a Silicon Valley start-up, team lead for indie iOS game development, and rapid prototyping for Will Wright's Stupid Fun Club. He also teaches, now used by over 190,000 people.