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Gaming For Everyone is one of the Curations at IndieCade 2017. This curation is located in the Hirasaki Foyer.


Inclusivity and diversity create an explosion of creativity and content. Unexpected, stunning, mesmerizing works of imagery can be found in this year's Gaming for Everyone Exhibit. The power of the image to communicate and entrance has long been at the center of human expression, and the power of feedback and procedural response enable games to harness that power in new and stunning ways. Presented by Intel, come experience an exhibit of games that surprise with their look, that use image to reach us in new and unusual ways, and that reinforce how crucial diversity is to art.



This curation can be found in the Hirasaki Foyer.


  • October 6th: 4PM-10PM
  • October 7th: 10AM-10PM
  • October 8th: 11am-5PM