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 •  Developer: Blowdart Games
 •  Website: []
 •  Twitter: [@decorumgame @decorumgame]

Décorum is a title featured at IndieCade Festival 2019.

About Décorum

You and your partner have just moved into your brand new home. Congratulations! The problem is, as you move in and start unpacking, you find out that you and your partner have very particular--and different--ideas about how to decorate. If either of you are ever going to be happy with your home, you're going to have to find the decorating solution that works for both of you. Oh. And you can't just tell your partner what you want. Obviously. They should know.

When Décorum starts, both player receive a set of rules. These rules dictate what must and must not be in the house. Maybe you need the bathroom to be painted green. Maybe you want your grandma's antique lamp in the living room. Maybe you absolutely won't live in a home with that god awful neon sign in it. Whatever you want (and don't want), you can bet your partner feels differently. The only way to find out what they want is to get to work decorating… and pissing them off in the process. Of course, they'll be doing the same exact thing.

To win Décorum, you and your partner need to find the décor arrangement that will work for both of you. It exists even if it might not feel like it. You'll both take turns placing, moving, or removing décor and, most importantly, carefully watching each other's reactions. If you're ever going to make a happy home, you're going to have to figure out what your partner wants... even though they won't tell you. It's a logic puzzle! It's a game of passive aggressive cooperation! It's… maybe a little too real! It's DÉCORUM!