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 •  Developer: Beyond Red Wave Arts
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: Mac
 •  Website:
About Beyond Red Wave Arts

Game Director/Lead Game Designer/Co-Writer - Raymond Onglengco
Writer/Game Designer - Paul Graham
Producer/Game Designer - Jordan Cox
Lead Developer - Dave Espineda
Game Developer - Xander Cruz
3D Artist/Concept Artist - Gian Empino
Concept Artist - Kris Chua
Developer's Artistic Statement

Delphyq was born from the idea of combining the good aspects of classic games like the original XCOM, Jagged Alliance series, Baldur’s Gate, Commandos, Fallout Tactics, and the original Rainbow Six series (that had the planning stage before every mission) back in the 90s.

The genre of Strategy & Tactics is a very small market (perhaps, the smallest) in the video game industry for various reasons. Having a small market share against the many genres in the mainstream market is perhaps the reason why companies do not invest on developing these types of games. However, this does not mean that the market is disappearing.

On the contrary, the genre of Strategy & Tactics, albeit small, has a very loyal following. Gamers in this market will always be there waiting for the next game that will provide them a new experience, and that is our aspiration for Delphyq.

In developing Delphyq, we knew from the start that we were not reinventing the wheel for the Strategy & Tactics genre. However, we took an out-of-the-box approach because we did not want to just conform with the usual mold. Our goal for Delphyq was to provide a fresh experience that combines the excitement of watching a movie like Mission Impossible or Black Hawk Down while also being the director and the actors in the same movie.

We also wanted to answer the call for more immersive single player games. With all the MMORPG and Multi-player Only games out there, it seems that the industry have forgotten that there are still single players out there who just want to get lost in an alternate reality by themselves. With Delphyq, we hope to provide a game in the Strategy & Tactics genre that allows the players to have their own unique experience from their own unique approach.

Delphyq is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Delphyq

Delphyq is a real-time strategy and tactics game that puts you in a “mastermind” position where you analyze the situation, choose the missions, evaluate the available resources, gather intel, and plan the attack. However, planning is nothing without tactical execution, and in Delphyq, micro managing the actions of your entire team during combat is critical. Giving instructions to each of your units in a squad and coordinating their actions are made possible by the game’s “Live/Pause” mechanics. This allows for edge-of-your-seat action where you can act and react in any given situation at any given time. As the mastermind in Delphyq, you determine your fate.

Set in an alternative Universe where corporations rule and will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, you lead a team of unique individuals, bonded together by a common philosophy, to go against the fabric of society they live in.

The strategy and tactics in Delphyq is similar to playing chess. You have to accomplish smaller missions in order to achieve your main goal of overcoming the opposition. In chess you achieve this through various opening strategies. In Delphyq, you choose the missions with the right objectives that are suitable for your unique approach to set yourself up in preparation for the main mission. Then you consider the available pieces at your disposal. Like in chess, your units in Delphyq have their own unique capabilities. Some of them are fast, quick to the trigger, and deadly in close quarters . Some of them are slow, have a longer effective weapon range, and deal tremendous amount of damage. You learn what they're capable of, and it's up to you to put them in their proper positions to attack and deal damage effectively and penetrate the depths of the enemy territory to capture your objective.