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Erin Reynolds.jpg

 •  Name: Erin Reynolds
 •  Title: Founder, Creative Director
 •  Affiliation: Flying Mollusk
 •  Website:

Erin Reynolds has been a speaker at IndieCade events.

About Erin Reynolds

Erin Reynolds is the Founder and Creative Director of Los Angeles-based indie studio, Flying Mollusk. Having worked in game development for 15 years, Erin is passionate about the potential games have to empower, educate, and inspire players of all kinds and to make the world a better, more playful place. Flying Mollusk’s biofeedback-enhanced adventure game, “Nevermind,” was an IndieCade Official Selection in 2012 and Finalist in 2015. Erin has also spoken at IndieCade on both the topics of World Design and Crowdfunding. As Chief Mollusk of Flying Mollusk, Erin is dedicated to continuing to create edgy games and interactive art that leave a lasting positive impact on the user and world.