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The Flash Jam is an event at IndieCade 2019.

What’s a Flash Jam?[]

A flash mob and a game jam combined, a flash jam is a quick-paced game jam that happens by surprise! When a flash jam is announced, you find your team by looking around you, and, 10-minutes later, you have a brand new game!

Flash Jam celebrates the spirit of IndieCade by encouraging teamwork, spontaneity, and embracing whimsy to make something new with a group of new friends!

How do you participate?[]

When you get your badge or band at IndieCade, you can grab a Down To Jam! pin, along with a flyer explaining what the heck is going on. If you don’t want to participate, or you have places to be and things to do, you don’t need to wear the pin, to make other jammers easy to identify, and let folks enjoy IndieCade at their own pace, but if you’re down to jam, put it somewhere folks can see!. Someone not wearing a pin says they want to play when a jam starts? Totally okay, welcome them and get ready to make a game!

What kind of games can I make?[]

A better question is, “what kinds of games can’t I make?” As long as nobody’s getting hurt, and nothing’s getting broken that shouldn’t be getting broken, make it!

Use your best judgement, but don’t hesitate to try new stuff!

How does it work?[]

Right before a flash jam starts, the call will go out! Quick! Grab some jammers around you and form a team! A second announcement will be made and it’s time to jam!

Flash Jam stations will be dotted around the festival, and before each jam we’ll be putting out fun things to inspire you! Don’t like what we have out? Don’t use it! Have something on you that you want to play with? We strongly encourage it!

10 minutes after the jam starts, an announcement will bring it to a close. Congratulations, you just made a game! If you want to share it, make your way over to the Flash Jam tent at the next half-hour, where we’ll all be playing each other’s games!