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 •  Developer: Twinbeard and Mostly Tigerproof
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Website:

Frog Fractions 2 is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Frog Fractions 2

Frog Fractions 2 is a game about mystery and surprises. It is an entry is comprised of two main parts. The first part is a genre-bending mashup of inspirations ranging from ZZT to League of Legends. Players begin in what is ostensibly a city-building game themed around the construction of a faerie village. Glittermitten Grove. This serves as the Trojan horse for the rest of the game experience. While building their cities, players can stumble across a portal to Frog Fractions 3, AKA TXT World, an ASCII-based adventure game that serves as the game’s main hub. TXT World serves as a portal itself into a bevy of other minigames, such as “Flappy Toaster,” a mashup of Flappy Bird and incremental games like Cookie Clicker, “Inferno Investigations,” a Carmen Sandiego parody set in Dante’s classic work of literature, and “SPAXRIS,” which sets a space marine against his annoying xenomorph roommate in a contest of wills for their apartment’s master bedroom. Each mini-game completed will return the player to TXT World with either a new tool to help navigate the space or a wacky twist having altered the overworld experience. As they progress, players collect mysterious symbols which are ultimately used to learn how to speak frog language in a natural language puzzle that serves as the beginning of the game’s conclusion.

The second part of the entry is comprised of a now-completed duo of alternate reality games. The first, the “Sigil ARG,” enlisted the help of over two dozen other independent games studios to hide a small piece of a puzzle across their game releases which, when assembled, led to the conclusion of the second and concurrently running ARG, the “Frog Fractions 2 ARG.” This second ARG was more conventional in its construction, involving real-life events, mysterious website logins, encrypted audio files, Mario Maker levels and more. These two ARGs ran for nearly three years, keeping fans entertained while the game was developed and serving to establish the lore, tone and aesthetic of the Frog Fractions 2 project.