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The IndieXChange Summit 2018 is an event at IndieCade 2018.


IndieXchange Summit Hours and Dates: Thursday, October 11th 10:00 AM through Friday October 12th at 4:00 PM.

Location: Center for Media and Design, SMC 1660 Stewart Street, Santa Monica California


IndieXchange (IXC) is the pre-event developer summit and provides access to nearly two days of Sessions (talks, workshops, panels, and forums), a day of Networking (with developers, funders, publishers, and influencers) and show and tell opportunities. This summit is designed by and for developers, and specifically provided to all developers who submit to IndieCade as a complimentary bonus and are provided an IndieXchange Pass. All Access Pass holders are also welcome to attend. Attendance is purposefully kept limited, but a small number of additional IndieXchange tickets can also be purchased HERE when tickets are available.

Developers who submitted are invited to attend as part of their submission. They must RSVP HERE. RSVPs are now closed.


Sessions take place throughout the day Thursday, October 11th and Friday, October 12th. Examples of sessions include everything from practical workshops about contracts and legal issues, working with various tools, building your fan Base (Marketing), as well as many other sessions including a few examples: “Mystifying Narrative Branches,” “Five Things To Do When Launching a Transmedia IP,” “Videogames are Not Games,” “Explosions are cool, but...” “The Age of Play,” “How To Teach Your Board Game,” “Make It Personal,” “The rocky road of indie game development with global ambitions,” “Making History,” and many more.


A variety of publishers, platforms, funders and inspirational developers, are a part of a organized networking track of meetings and introductions. Additional one-on-one meetings are often arranged between developers who submitted their games and a variety of these partners, based on mutual interest.


IndieCade will be holding a large playtesting event on Friday, October 12th. This is for all types, genres, and formats of games. At IndieCade we care about feedback and supporting the creation of your games. This special event has been created especially for developers who submitted to IndieCade. Developers can sign up for two-hour time slots. A variety of industry professionals, specially selected independent developers, and IndieCade jurors will particpate in giving specific feedback and talking with particpating developers. Developers who wish to have their games included in the playtest must RSVP HERE.


IndieCade’s show-and-tell for developers and games who are not officially in the festival, but who submitted their games. The exhibit rotates every few hours. This can be a preview of new work, an exhibit of work-in-progress, or simply your game. GameTasting slots are available to developers who submitted their game first-come-first serve.

And More…[]

Additional social events, meetings, and more are a part of the IndieXchange Summit for all participants who submitted games to IndieCade, as well as for a variety of member levels.