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Josh Samuels.png

 •  Name: Josh Samuels
 •  Title: Studio Lead
 •  Affiliation: Raindrop Games
 •  Website:

Josh Samuels has been a speaker at IndieCade events.

About Josh Samuels

Josh Samuels has been a video game developer and software engineer for over 15 years. He is the Studio Lead for Raindrop Games in the San Francisco Bay Area. Raindrop Games developed Arrival: Village Kasike, a strategy simulation game about the Taino people of the Caribbean. In 2015 Josh co-founded the Allies Special Interest Group (SIG) of the IGDA. This group's purpose is to educate people about issues faced by marginalized groups and provide tools to help everyone be a more effective ally. In 2016 the Allies SIG started presenting the Ally Skills Workshop, originally developed by the Ada Initiative.