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 •  Developer: The Transformative Play Lab at UC Irvine
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: installation
 •  Website:
About The Transformative Play Lab at UC Irvine

- Ke Jing - Systems Designer
- Natalie Nygaard - Game Designer & Programmer
- Vincent Chang - Music and Sound
- Mark-Justin Pareja - Art
- Karen Tanenbaum - Playtesting & UX Design

Magia Transformo: The Dance of Transformation is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Magia Transformo: The Dance of Transformation

Magia Transformo is a playful physical experience with digital augmentations. Three players enter a ritual chamber furnished with an altar and a rack of hats and cloaks. A glowing magic circle is laid out on the floor, with a cauldron in the center. Colored flames periodically shoot out of the cauldron. The voice of Alistair - a magical mentor figure - welcomes the neophyte witches to their initiation into the mysteries of the arcane. He invites the players to each select a hat and a cloak, and sanctify them at the magical altar. When players touch their magical garment to the altar, interactive spellbooks light up, with information about the mythos and history of each item. Once properly attired, the three witches are transformed into members of one of several secret magical societies (each with their own history and mythology to unlock) and invited by Alistair to pick up their spellbooks and gather around the magic circle. Following guidance from their spellbooks the players chant magic words, and dance around the cauldron to cast magical spells. If the players successfully complete the rituals, and the right combination of hats and cloaks have been selected, a spell will unlock, and the cauldron will emit colorful flames. Players may then return to the altar to explore other combinations of hats and cloaks, unlocking more spells in their spellbooks, and discovering more about the hidden world that they've entered into



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