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 •  Developer: DigiPen Team Cactus Curse
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Platform: PC
 •  Website:
About DigiPen Team Cactus Curse

- Lauren Stutzriem - Director/Story/Animation Lead
- Jesse Hibbs - Design Lead / Puzzle Designer / UI Designer
- Jason Burch - Co-Producer
- Erica Hanson - Art Lead / Environment / UI / Lighting Artist
- Leo Saikali - Narrative Designer / Writer
- Hyung Jun Pa - Tech Lead
- Thornton Prime - Sound Designer

Penny Blue Finds a Clue is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Penny Blue Finds a Clue

Renowned tween detective, Penny Blue, has taken YOU, her goody-two-shoes babysitter under her wing as an apprentice (against your will) to solve a murder mystery. Penny is gutsy, and has a love for action and intrigue! But…she is not the brightest, and is easily exasperated by hard work. That’s where you come in, the brains of the operation! Explore a grand hotel and interview interesting characters, both full of secrets. And of course, catch the murderer! One fair warning…don’t get your britches in a knot when Penny takes all the credit in the end, as usual. Penny Blue Finds a Clue is a comedic, first person, narrative-based detective adventure game. Our high concept was ""Nancy Drew meets Grim Fandango."" The game features off-the-wall, original storytelling and a unique art style; traditionally animated 2D characters in a wonky, cartoonish 3D environment. The game was created in Unreal Engine 4.