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 •  Developer: EA Game Innovation Lab, USC Interactive Media
 •  Awards: IndieCade Selections, Sublime Experience
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2007, 2008, 2018
 •  Website:

The Night Journey is a title featured during at IndieCade.

About The Night Journey

Renowned video artist Bill Viola’s first foray into games is a sublime and meditative journey into the soul that explores the path to enlightenment.Created by world-renowned video artist Bill Viola in collaboration with USC’s Tracy Fullerton, The Night Journey is based on the universal story of an individual mystic’s journey towards enlightenment. The core mechanic in the game is the act of traveling, rather than the reaching of certain destinations; exploration, reflection and discovery are the player’s tools along their path of enlightenment. Created in collaboration with the USC faculty advisor behind the team that created Cloud and Flow, The Night Journey recasts themes and images from Viola’s video installations into immersive three-dimensional landscapes to create a sublime and entirely unprecedented gaming experience.



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