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 •  Developer: Zinno Studio
 •  Year(s) Shown: 2017
 •  Website:
About Zinno Studio

- Tyler Lee
- Terry Tai-Wei Chen
- Benson Ben-Yan Lee

Un-Destined is a title featured at IndieCade 2017.

About Un-Destined

The short version is, we at Zinno studio, through the "Un-Destined" project are trying to incorporate just the right amount of VR game play and bolsters that with the appropriate amount of physical/reality interactions, and then turn it into something that utilizes a rather futuristic technology in VR while not abandoning what has gotten us thus far; think of it as playing hopscotch with a set of robotic legs. But with "Un-Destined", there's so much more to it than just a guy or a girl wearing a funny looking headset waving two controllers in the air while real changes are occurring all around his/her playing area because his/her actions inside the VR actually matter to his/her teammates on the outside; and vice versa the "un-VR" personnel also affect all that are happening inside the VR world. This interacting game play is fun, but we don't want to just do fun, we want to send a message. Our team maybe small, and we actually are small in that we are comprised of just three individuals but the message we are trying to send out is bigger than all of us. For a hundred years or so, the inhabitants on this small island Taiwan have gradually fallen into a mental trap that have plagued our younger generation, the trap is that our education system has been trying to equate more tests or better scores with a happier or wealthier life. This method usually always falls short of the ultimate goal in that tests and exams are created to teach discipline but out of this system through the years we end up having one of the most disciplined and knowledgeable people who lacks the creativity or boldness to apply their learning, and on the other hand, we also have one of the most wealthy societies but overall we are not all that happy because this system likes to spoon-feed us into doing something we can generate a lot of money by it, but not the satisfaction or inspiration. By having a team of about 5-6 players all working together via VR and actual physical gadgets, we want them to dive deep into the memory sea of our fictional protagonist, through puzzle-solving and teamwork, we hope they end up discovering more about themselves and feel "un-destined" just like our characters were when they finish the whole experience.



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